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    We Love studs in everything, so we had to research its origin in STUDDED CLOTHING, So once upon a time Way way Back, Actually way far back enough, when Worriers must had Armor there armors were built via metal plates and leather that made them more difficult for enemies weapons to cut through, you can see them in Movies like the Messenger, Brave heart and even in Games like Final fantasy Mel Gibson in a studded armor   احنا الراڤينز بنموت فاي حاجه مترصعه بالحديد، فقررنا نشاركم بحثنا عن الملابس اللي فيها studs او مترصعه بالحديد بداءت ازاي، كان يا مكان ، في الحقيققه كان يمكان زمان زمان اوي يعني ? لما المقاتلين كان لازم يلبسوا دروع واقيه كانت بتتعمل من جلود و مرصعه بالحديد عشان تحميمهم من اسلحه اعدائهم، و ده بيبان جدا في افلام زي الرساله ،Brave Heart و في العاب زي Final Fantasy Studded Spiked Weapons its very similar to Punk Leather Jackets, a man who wore one was not a man to take on easily, you can find very similar styles with the punk underground’s community   شبيها جدا بالجاكيتس بتاعت الPunks   الراجل اللي كان بيلبس واحد منهم زمان كان الناس بتعملوا الف حساب In history the Haunting Dogs we put on with a spike studded collars to protect them while haunting dangerous animals تاريخيا الStuds كانوا بيتسخدموها لكلاب الصيد عشان تحميمهم من الحيونات المتوحشه Man's Best Friend in Spiked Collar Also Dogs were used in wars with their studded spiked collars, some of the most famous were given Gold and Silver collars One of the most common things you will see people wearing are studded collars not very different from those of the Dogs, it simply symbolize the person wearing it as Tough and Protected الكلاب كمان كانت بتستخدم في الحروب فو اطواقهم المرصعه بالحديد و اشهرهم كان بيلبس اطواق دهب و فضه من اكثر الحاجات اللي هاتلقوا الناس بتلبسها مترصعه بالحديد هي الاطواق او Collars مش بعيده قوي في الشكل عن بتاعت الكلاب، بكل بساطه دلالتها ان الشخص اللي لبسها شخص قوي و عنده حمايه قويه Studded Collar Also weapons that had studded spikes were used in wars, and if you have been watching any zombie apocalyptic film, you ll know that one day we might use them in our Bats, Pipes or anything you think of even Cars and vehicles, dont forget about the deal Negan in The walking dead and his studded bat Spiked Car   برضوا استخدمات ثانيه كانت في الحروب كانت الاسلحه المترصعه بالحديد، و لو شفتوا اي فيلم عن الزومبيز و نهايه العالم هاتلقوا الناس بتستخدمها في كل حاجه من سلاح و حتي العربيات ماتنسوش عم Negan في The Walking Dead   Due to this history our minds deal with anyone one wearing spikes, that its better to keep away this is someone we dont want to mess with, like the bad ass rockers and Punks بسبب كل ده عقولنا بترجم ان اي حد لابس حاجه مترصعه بالحديد انه شخص قوي و بلاش تهرج معه زي مغانين الروك Other Spiked uses in Fashion are in bracelets, boots and  Heels they are very popular right now and a great fashion statement في استخدمات كثيره ثانيه زي الاحذيه، و الكعب العالي و مشهورين جدا في الموضه دلوقتي Studs came into fashion for very long and it will always stay, you can find them Vests, Coats and Jackets with all sort of Colors, but Black will always win الترصيع بالحديد دخل الموضه من زمان قوي و دلوقتي في قمته في الجاكيتس، الفيستس و البلاطي و هايقعد لسنيين كثيره و في اعتقادنا انوا موضه الترصيع بالحديد عمرها ما هاتموت بس هايلبسها فقط اللي عندوا جراءه Ravin Studded Jackets Always remember that what you wear says a lot about you, so studs just doesn’t say that you are update with Fashion and History, but its a Fashion Statement and I am Tough and not to mess with statement و دايما خليكم فكرين ان اللي بتلبسوة بيقول عليكم حاجات كثير، فا الترصيع بالحديد مش بس بيقول انكم مطلعين علي الموضه و التاريخ بس، لكنها تصريح جريئ بانكم فاشونابل و انكم اقوياء و مش ساهلين Love yourself and Always remember Fashion is not just about good looking clothes but it reflects who you are, so get yourself one of these jackets and start Ravin up your Statement(You can buy any of the below items in any of our stores or clicking the picture) حبوا نفسكم و افتكروا ان لبسكم انعكاس لشخصيتكم مش بس ان انتم لبسين لبس حلو انما انعكاس انتم مين، فاشتروا واحد من الجاكيتس ديه و ابدائوا Ravin لحياتكم ممكن تشتري اي من الحاجات اللي تحت من فروعنا او دوس علي الوصلات لمعرفه المذيد)    



    Well when we decided to list down the Top 5 we knew its going to be hard, for sure listing Top 5 is way more difficult to list the top 50 or 30 or 20, Right? well actually no we all didn’t give it a blink, they came out naturally because the following top 5 without a question have always been original and true to their style.   Ahmed Fishawy 5. Ahmed El Fishawy is nothing if not experimental. While he may be off Hood and back since he started his carer, but his style is as good as his Tats Aside from wearing “cool guy”, he’s also got an eye for high fashion. he was spotted so many times wearing luxury brands still keeping it crazy and cool     Asser Yassine     4. Asser Yassin is that guy in your circle who may not be the most fashion-forward, but has mastered the art of cleaning up. Asser is at his best when he’s suited up, as he’s proven time after time. His latest looks in Samsung ADS and his Appearance in SNL Arabia Hilarious 007 Sketch may have enforced the idea that Asser is the Man who rules the suit world in Egypt   Hany Adel   3. Hany Adel: Any Celebrity  can hire a stylist to pimp him up. Dressing casually is actually harder. to be dressed casually requires a sixth sense— but Adel does it all, Casual, Formal, Urban or anything else the Musician Singer Actor does it very well, that we imagine if he is dressed in anything he will still look amazing   Amir Eid   2. Amir Eid: Yes, it sooth to listen to the Legendary Caiokee Lead singer. But it also helps to have his Denims—and his leathers, and his tees. For the man how shows Real mens attitude his personal style is simply rock ‘n’ roll. While most Celebrities put on their best clothe,Amir is just Different or as we prefer to admit it Original: simple leather jackets, denims, and outstanding hair style. When Asked on ask.fm Someone “ Are you a leader or a follower? “ Amir Eid “Leader of the leaders” Definitely Amir and Cairokee did lead the music industry with new waves and a revolution in the music scene, so we hope he will be an inspiration for this generation  on style and attitude. (Most of US would have loved to Put Hawary and Tamer on this list, but you may never know what list we are preparing to put them on)   Amr Diab   1. Amr Diab: Like it or Not Diab has been number one on all lists for years and still kicking it, Diab is the only Fashion Trend setter not only in Egypt but in the whole region, if we just could lay our hands on that vampire elixir that makes him on the top of any list of any list maybe then only we would know how he does it Tell who else should have been on the list of your favorite Egyptian celebrities

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